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Incanto Perfume by Salvatore Ferragamo, Incanto, by the design home of salvatore ferragamo . Incanto is an alluring floral and woody fragrance with hints of solar-repined fruit. Top notes: velvet peach, plum, jamaican pepper. The center notes: jasmine, peony, ambrette seeds, crimson lily ‘oriental martagon’. The base note: amber, sandalwood, white musk.


Ferragamo Ankle-Strap Lace Vara Sandal PinkMy husband brought me this perfume…he described some of my favorites to the gross sales people and so they recommended Incanto…and i Find it irresistible! Each time I put on it, which is often, someone compliments me on the scent. It is absolutley one of my favorites!

BARBARA W03/02/2007

After dwelling with Incanto for just a few days, and it just did not work for me. For some reason, I thought it would odor good on my co-worker, so I gave it to her. She loves it, says it doesn’t hassle her allergies, and it actually smells lovely on her. Makes me happy when someone else can get pleasure from a fragrance that does not work for me. Now I can take pleasure in smelling it on her! 🙂

BARBARA W10/07/2006

…the unique Burberry. Very comparable woody/peachy notes, although Incanto has some spicy florals that give it slightly extra punch. If Chloe and Burberry did a tango, you’d get Incanto. It’s a charming fragrance, simply not very unique.


Sure, I have tried Charms and simply purchased my first bottle. Love the stuff.. First impression is Green is rather playful and spirited.. I would even go as far as to say spunky. Places me in an incredible Can DO Temper.. Love the unique Incanto too!


Sure, Incanto Charms (LE 2006) could be very fairly, only a barely candy and fruity however still very recent and ‘clean’… There’s something in it that makes me smile…Such a ‘completely happy’ fragrance!


Has anybody smelled Incanto Charms yet? It’s very fresh/clear/simply stepped out of the shower smell. IMO =).


Hi! I used to be wondering how individuals like “Incanto Goals” … I had some spritzed on a card yesterday at a dept store and my initial response was positive, however I needed to hear what you perfume officianados thought … thanks! 🙂


This jogs my memory of Sexual by Michel Germain. Incanto is a heat woody-floral with a hit of fruit on high. Not extraordinary, but not unhealthy — a simply-short-of-cloying come-hither evening scent for individuals who would possibly find Caron too complicated.

SMELLIE KAT03/19/2006

Incanto is the one fragrance I have ever bought without smelling it first. Like, ever. Normally, I check one thing a number of occasions however, based mostly on the feedback I read right here, by people I’ve come to know share my own style in perfume, I decided to provide it a shot. Incanto is a really sexy, surprising scent. Fruity at first, then richer, musky, woody and creamy. Mmmmm. I wore it to work and tossed the blouse I wore over a chair in my bedroom. Subsequent day, I walked into the room and thought, “what smells so good?” That’s right – it was my blouse from the day earlier than. Very nice.


It is a very nice, recent and stunning scent, specifically for the summer and spring time. There is one thing particular and unique about it.


I’m a lover of heat, fruity but not candy, tangy kind of scents. This one is at the highest of my checklist. It mixes very properly with my chemistry and stays feminine and a bit mysterious. Adore it.


That is off the official Ferragamo site!!! Luminous and sensual, Incanto is an exquisitely captivating floral and woody fragrance with fruity undertones… A vibrating pulsation with unexpectedly heady notes of velvety peach skin, plum and Jamaican pepper… Top notes: Velvet peach, plum, and Jamaican Pepper… The spell deepens… right into a passionate enchanting caress with the extremely-feminine crimson lily of Florence, the touch of jasmine, the peony, ambrette seeds and hint of cassis.. Center notes: Jasmine, Peony, Pink lily “oriental martagon”, ambrette seeds… A veil of seductive white musk clings languorously warmed by intimate sandalwood and the pleasures of amber… Base notes: White Musk, Sandalwood, Amber.


Incanto is such a heat, lovely fragrance. Ultra-feminine, tremendous sensual. Barely much like Presence – which I also love – (MY Top 10!). I find warming scents rather more appealing to cooling/fresh ones; orientals & woody scents preferred to green and airy scents…


You know, I feel typically individuals are untruthful or completely forgetful if you ask them what fragrance they are carrying. As a result of I requested a shopper what scent she had on, and “Incanto” was her reply. It smelled very sturdy, and masculine to me at first. But by the tip of our session, it started to attraction to me. Still, I stored thinking that she had a man’s fragrance on. Anyway, I decided to be brave and try it primarily based in your opinions. Actually, I am unable to say enough about Incanto. One more fragrance for my high ten record, which can be a top twenty by now! Critically, whatever my shopper had on that day, Incanto was not it!! This perfume smells gorgeous beyond gorgeous, and never the least bit masculine. Actually, I feel she had the males’s model on or another scent altogether. I thank all of you for writing in and ranking this one as well as you did. I really like Incanto!


Smelled this on a client, and at first I questioned if she was sporting a man’s scent. But because the hour passed, I did come to prefer it on her. It wasn’t as overowering as when she first arrived. Possibly she was too liberal in making use of it, since some of your suggestions is that it doesn’t last very long.


Smelt the perfume yesterday and found it too sweet. I dunno however I don’t think I’m the type who would go for this type of smell. I really like Subtil greater than Incanto. Well, to each his own.


I’ve bought the concentrated gel that slips across the pores and skin and scents without that blast of alcohol. It smells so delicate, haunting — not candy, not floral, not citrus — it isn’t one thing you may put your finger on, but it’s the form of fragrance that has you sniffing your wrist over and over. Very delicate and womanly, and not so in style that you’ll smell like everyone else.


perfume earlier than pearls. delicate magnificence. amazing grace. gentle ardour. great


I get complimets all the time on this one. The best approach to make it final is to layer it with the shower gel and lotion


I must admit that AT FIRST it was good, but the drydown gave a form of spicy scent on me which I didn’t like. I don’t think it could be too unhealthy if you like that sort of scent, but I usually like fresh, or fruity, or green, or soft musky, or a nicely balanced vanilla, but this was none of these.


Olfactive household: Oriental Woody. – First sniff is fruity and overwhelming delicious!!! But this beautiful, feminine odor would not final (max. Three minutes). The dry-down comes ABRUPT(!) and smells not candy, not recent, not musky, not leathery, not vanillic, not mossy, not woody, Solely “so-so”. Difficult to describe. I believe INCANTO is an uninspired, not well-balanced scent, however probably not bad.


This is a really soft citrus fragrance. It simply blends into your pores and skin after the dry down. Not overly candy or floral…it’s a very fairly scent.

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