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Keepin’ Composure In the Tropics

And here we are at day two. This shirt I found in a bag of clothes I was going to donate to goodwill (two years in the past). Funny how you start liking things once more and discover methods to rejuvenate their look. Moral of the story is to be a hoarder and a procrastinator. It should take you far. I mean, I’m in Singapore for god’s sake, how a lot farther are you able to get

So anyway, on to the juicy stuff: ferragamo xl big buckle Procuring DAY. Okay so before you get your heart rate up, I didn’t go wild or something and break a commandment within 48 hours of posting. What sort of crazed shopper do you think I am It’ll take restraint with a lot great at every nook (no however, actually) on this city…country…the Planet Earth Heat Coalition…no matter it is. We went to Orchard Street in the present day, which is the area where I work and conveniently the “Fifth Avenue” of Singapore. Thanks, Destiny, for placing me right the place I should be, in the pit of temptation the place the little satan on my shoulder goes from 0 to spastic in 2.5 seconds, as you’ll be able to see in the image below. Though I’m glad my devil is not Will Ferrell. I prefer to imagine he’s a little bit extra of a Ralph Lauren mannequin. But back to the procuring.

Hmmm…tips on how to sum up one’s wildest dreams of what heaven would look like I believe angels carried me on their wings by way of the clouds of footwear, accessories, and all issues good and great that I’ve ever found on this world. There was even a Wendy’s, so I acquired a frosty like the great, crimson-blooded American tourist that I pretend not to be (I wore my shades, don’t worry, they had no clue it was me..). (Cue intense nation twang) “I am bored with this rattling asian meals. Gimme somethin’ real.”

So this is the rundown of stores all clustered on this futuristic trying building I call heaven: Zara, Accessorize, River Island, Bershka, Promod, Warehouse, and await it….the holy grail….TOPSHOP, Child, OH YEAAAA. I used to be so excited, I took a picture. Wild, I do know, for a tourist like myself. Hey, YOLO. Yea, I said it. YOLO. Although it is key to note I did not use this mentality when shopping. I was a very good girl. I bought these delightfully mint green shorts at Zara and a black peplum top. At River Island (slowly turning into my new favourite retailer) I bought fabulous jelly sandals (they actually like their jelly right here). As a result of I needed shower shoes okay. Why not combine functionality and frivolity YOLO. Okay, I am going to stop. Aren’t they the cutest shower sneakers you have ever seen though

We’ve all discovered it really interesting to observe the magnitude of procuring here. At every MRT stop (subway), there’s a mall. In all places. On a regular basis. There is buying. And there are shoppers to consume all these excessive-priced, imported manufacturers from throughout the globe. I was thrilled to find the Salvatore Ferragamo perfume, Signorina, that I’ve been dying to have because no where in Kentucky can you buy it (duh, Laurel, you live in a fantasy). It was S$185. Say whaaaaaat That interprets to about $145. I can purchase it at Nordstrom for $98. No thanks, Singapore. All the things is such, though. You need to be keen to throw down the dollas’ right here. And they have them. Quite a lot of them. I nevertheless, get to undergo two extra months without my Signorina. And lemme tell ya, I want it here like I’ve by no means needed something to make me smell nice…or just not so ferragamo xl big buckle strongly like BO. I feel it’s the official nationwide smell. And the music is, Nice Balls of Fire. (Laurel-lame jokes should be interjected at some points, my apologies) Everybody smells prefer it though, so at least I am not alone [she shrugs as she imagines she’s swimming by way of a pool of recent meadows and rain Febreeze..in Antarctica preferably].

I believe that is all for now, folks.
P.S. Aren’t you impressed with me ! Two posts already Is that this the apocalypse Did you simply see the meteorite too A zombie (Too soon ) Are we going down just like the dinosaurs or had been those blasted Mayans right Should I tell my mates and household it’s been actual and don’t wait up for me because I’ll have to make some last minute purchases if I plan on fully having fun with my final days Would possibly as nicely be in luxury’s lap and die with diamonds, that Miu Miu coat I’ve been eyeing (it’s only like $1,500: chump change when the world is ending), and Topshop round you, right This complete YOLO thing received a bit extra actual….don’t be concerned, I’ll weblog about it.